Picking Your Curtains

Curtains give the final decorating touch to your room. Making the right choice is a crucial step to form the right unifying and welcoming atmosphere.
Here’s how to pick your curtains to match your style.

When to pick curtains?

curtain time
A common mistakes in new homes and apartments is to fall in love with specific curtains, and then build the decor around them. The opposite needs to happen: the choice of curtain should come last, after the rest of the room.

Once you’ve picked your walls’ colors, and after you’ve placed both the furniture and decorative objects around the place, then you can start thinking about curtains.
They’ll provide the finishing touch to a great indoor decor. Like carpets and throw pillows, they bring warmth to your home, but shouldn’t be the centerpiece.

What to look for?

curtain types
Its aesthetic aspect should not be the only reason to pick curtains. If anything, curtains can help fool the eye and correct visual imperfections of a room. For example, a room with low clearance, you should install curtains with wide vertical stripes to give an impression of height. Conversely, traditional horizontal blinds made of linen will be great for rooms with a ceiling too high.

Customize the style of your curtains based on the windows’ size. Large frilly curtains won’t work for small windows. And a very thin curtain, too tight, will not be able to showcase a large window or wooden frame.

Also check that your curtains do not sweep the floor or, worse, are too short and let anyone see the lower side of the window frame. Take preliminary measurements to make sure.

Try to choose a color in accordance with the walls of the room. If you are lucky enough to have white walls, everything is allowed as long as your curtains do not clash with the furniture.

Which curtains to choose?

curtain style
The choice of fabric and texture will be based on the style of the room to adorn, but also the atmosphere you want to create.

In a rustic interior with solid oak flooring and traditional furniture, your choice may want to focus on heavy velvet drapes or taffeta. The most suitable colors will be royal blue and garnet. Golden brown are also great.

For a country house, curtains made of natural cotton, or with simple patterns will work. Lace curtains can also work in the bedroom.

In a minimalist interior, choose light curtains that give transparency and can rise with the slightest breeze, letting the air through. Alternatively, you can go with linen blinds that will deliver a soft light while evoking Japanese partitions.

For the trendiest design enthusiasts, laser-cut blinds can be a great choice. Since they can be custom-made, they will go perfectly with whatever style you choose.

When it comes to urban-style interiors, Venetian blinds with metallic colors will accentuate the atmosphere.

For lovers of exoticism, long cotton or polyester curtains are perfect, especially when coupled with wrought iron rods.

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