Clean Your Faucet Aerator

Clean Your Faucet Aerator

Cleaning a faucet aerator is an easy and accessible task that needs to be done to remove any limescale. The buildup may cause permanent damage to the sink, and any deposit needs to be treated as soon as possible.
Here is how to clean your faucet aerator simply and efficiently.

You’ll need:

  • Distilled vinegar/White vinegar
  • Lemon
  • Descaling/Decalcifying product
  • Gloves
  • Wrench or pliers
  • Cloth
  • Water



There are a few methods to clean your faucet and tap:

  • Natural method, using alcohol vinegar, white vinegar or lemon.
  • Chemical method, using a descaling product.

The use of a natural product avoids any toxic waste. Make sure to wear gloves regardless.
To descale, use hot water as this will facilitate the action of whatever cleaning product you’ll be using.

Clean the outside of the tap

Before moving to the aerator, the first step is to take care of your tap. Whatever product you’re using, the approach is the same.

  • With a sponge soaked in hot water and cleaning product, rub the surface of the faucet.
  • Leave the mix on for a few minutes.
  • Rinse with clean water.


Unscrew and separate the aerator tap

It is inside the faucet aerator that limescale accumulates. To remove all traces of limescale, you’ll first have to unscrew it.
Protect the tap aerator by wrapping a cloth around it.
With pliers or a wrench, unscrew the aerator ring.
Close out the sink so that if you drop the part, it doesn’t fall into your drains.
The aerator will consist of several parts: a ring, an aerator and a filter attached to it. Separate them.
If you are unable to split the aerator, use tweezers to get the parts out.

tap aerator

Clean the tap aerator

Prepare a bowl with hot water and whatever decalcifying product you have chosen. For chemical descaling, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to determine proper dosage.

  • Fill half a bowl with hot water.
  • Pour the chosen cleaning product to fill the bowl completely.
  • Dip the different parts of the aerator in the mix.
  • Leave them for two hours.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Take the opportunity to check the condition of the seal and the vent filter. If they are damaged, do not hesitate to replace them.
If the action of the chosen product has not eliminated all the limescale, rub the aerator pieces with a toothbrush.

Reassemble the faucet aerator

With a lint-free cloth, dry the parts of the aerator you’ve cleaned. Their handling will be easier.
Combine the aerator with its filter ring, and then add the seal.
Screw the aerator back to the tap by hand. Tighten slightly with pliers or a wrench.
Do not over-tighten the aerator, as you may damage it.

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