10 Minute Bedroom Cleanup

The bedroom isn’t the first place guests may visit, but you’ll be spending the majority of your time there. And who knows when there’s a special someone coming over.
A messy room won’t promote restful sleep and relaxation. This cleanup plan will help you keep the bedroom clean in only ten minutes of work.

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What you’ll need

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  • Multi-purpose cleaners – Stopping to switch cleaners and application materials (like a sponge or cloth) takes time. A multi-purpose cleaner saves precious seconds during speed cleaning.
  • Microfiber cloths – They’re terrific for every surface from wood to glass. Having at least two cloths is recommended. One may be used for dusting, and the other for glass cleaning since glass streaks easily.
  • Replacement trash bags – Try using old grocery store plastic bags as a green-friendly option for small trash receptacles. Small bags facilitate easy switching from full to empty canisters.
  • Disposable gloves – Even natural cleansers may be a skin irritant. Gloves are important for keeping hands in good condition and will eliminate the time required to clean hands before making the bed and touching linens.
  • Vacuum cleaner or broom – A quick pass with the vacuum cleaner or a broom will keep the floors in good shape and cut dirt buildup.

The Cleanup

Minute 1
Get the supplies cleaning. They shouldn’t be scattered around the home. Everything used in speed cleaning should be in the same spot and shouldn’t take up any time to bring into the bedroom.
Minutes 2 – 3
Pick things up. Toss dirty clothes in the hamper, put those scattered DVD or CD cases away, and stack up those messy papers on the desk. Make sure the floors are free of debris. Permanent receptacles for belongings and toys (legos!) may reduce some cleaning time. A decorative toy box is perfect for tossing random objects away and out of sight in seconds.
Minutes 4 – 5
Dust and scrub. With the surfaces in the room as clear of debris as possible, use the microfiber cloths for dusting. Don’t forget to wipe down the TV remotes, door handles and PC monitors.
Minutes 6 – 7
Vacuum and/or sweep. Now is not the time to get that vacuum hose to search every cranny in the room. The main path of the bedroom needs the most attention with a vacuum or broom. A 10-minute cleaning session is usually not the best moment to drag out the mop. For homes with non-carpeted floors, a quick sweep of the area is enough.
Minute 8
Make the bed. Practicing a swift bed-making routine makes it go much faster. The bed doesn’t have to be perfect. Simply pull the sheets and comforter up to the head of the bed, and toss the pillows on top in a neat row.
Minute 9
Empty trash bins. This should always be the last task since trash will be tossed into the receptacles during the active cleaning phase.
Minute 10
Put supplies away or move them. Instead of putting the cleaning supplies completely away, they can be relocated to the next room for another round of speed cleaning. Taking the supplies in and out of storage just once is an overall time saver for cleaning the entire home or multiple rooms.

Time-Saving Tips

bedroom cleanup corner

  • Circle the room. Walking back and forth across the room to perform one function takes extra time. Move in a circle around the room completing tasks like dusting and trash removal at the same time.
  • Leave big projects for later. A 10-minute cleaning isn’t going to be a good time for deep organization. Clearing out the closet of old clothes and unused shoes is a project for another day.
  • Simplify the bed. During the summer, many sleepers don’t use layers of sheets, blankets and a comforter. Seasonally removing linens from the bed ensures bed making is fast and takes seconds instead of a minute.
  • Stack, don’t organize. Scattered papers should be quickly stacked up on a desk, and dirty laundry should be tossed swiftly into the laundry bin. Don’t sort the mail or organize laundry.
  • Keep furniture in its place. Spring cleaning is the time for getting those dust bunnies out from under the bed and looking behind the dresser for fallen objects. Speed cleaning should never include any movement of furniture. Small decorative objects should stay in place even during dusting.
  • Reduce the buildup of work. Instead of tossing those clean clothes into the corner for a week, fold them or hang them up immediately after they’ve been washed. Avoid wasted time from trying to figure out whether clothes are clean or dirty by keeping them in the proper place on a regular basis.

By employing swift cleaning techniques, you’ll have more time during the day for the things that matters. With just a little planning, anyone can learn to clean that messy bedroom in just 10 minutes flat.
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