Install A Wall Safe

To protect your valuables in your home, you’ll need a safe.
Here’s how to easily install one in your place.


wall hole
Pick a suitable location for your safe. Preferably, it will have to be a thick, solid wall that is difficult to break. Stone or concrete are great examples.
Avoid facade walls, basement and damp walls. Moisture may cause condensation inside the box. Make sure there are no electric wires passing through the wall.


wall safe
Take the measurements of your safe.
With a drill, or a hammer and chisel, dig deeply into your wall. Dimensions need to be greater than the safe: about 8 in for the height, 12 in for the width, and 8 in depth.

Screw a vertical board against the wall and in front of the hole. This will support the front of the safe and ensure flatness between the wall and safe. In addition, you’ll be able to fill the cavity in the wall with cement, and stall the safe both horizontally and vertically.
Using a plumb bob or spirit level, check that everything is right.

Wet the bottom and sides of the cavity.
Prep the concrete, composed of a mix of sand, gravel and 1/4 volume of molten cement. You can also use quick setting cement and add water to the contents of the bag. The resulting concrete is uniform and high in quality.

Pour a layer of concrete in the wall cavity. This layer will form the base for the safe .
Quickly add the safe on the base before it dries. Place it in the center of the wall cavity, against the board. Adjust the vertical and let the concrete take (about 15 to 20 minutes).

Remove the board and make a formwork for each side. Fill the sides of sand and pebbles then slowly add concrete to seal the vault.
Let the safe door open and let everything dry for at least 10 days before use. Brush the surfaces.

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