How To Make Your Toilet Quieter

You’re trying to fall asleep in silence, but the noise your running toilet makes in the next room isn’t the most pleasant.
What should you do to reduce this annoying sound?

Tighten everything

water valve
The first, easy thing to do is to check your pipes. It’s not uncommon to find that, over time, clamps get loose.
Don’t just visually check. Take out a screwdriver and tighten everything thoroughly.

Adjust water flow

toilet water valve
If the sound of the water flushing persists, you may need to adjust the water flow. In other words, tweak the water valve as some of them produce noise when the opening isn’t set properly.
This valve is usually located outside the tank, often at the bottom, behind the toilet.
Turn and adjust it to maximum speed. Try the flushing again to see if it stops normally.

Block the sound

adhesive foam tape
This next trick is actually re-purposing something you’d normally use for your doors or windows. That is, to seal in a frame or crack with adhesive foam tape. The idea is to block out the sound. Here’s how:

  • Remove the toilet tank’s lid.
  • Clean and dry the edges of the tank and lid.
  • Cut and place the adhesive foam around both edges.
  • Lightly press, and close the lid.

Check the tank

toilet water tank
If the situation has not improved, it may be because of the water tank. You can always try slightly altering the tank float, or change the position of the valves in the toilet tank.
Some sounds may come from the end of the water flowing process, and could be linked to large amount of water in the tank. Therefore, blocking the tank from getting completely full may suppress the sounds.

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