Replace Your Toilet Flush Valve

Used several times a day, your toilet suffers in the long run from issues that will need to be repaired at some point.
Be proactive and replace your toilet’s flush valve before it is too late.

inside toilet tank

Remove the old flushing system

Be aware of how you dismantle the old system. This will help you later when putting on the new one.

  • Close the outside water valve (near the bottom of the toilet).
  • Flush out the toilet to empty out the tank.
  • Remove the lid of the tank and unscrew the handle, arm and chain,.
  • Using an adjustable wrench, loosen the fill valve/water supply and then remove the float.

Remove the tank

To replace the water supply and fill valve, it is often necessary to also remove the water tank itself.

  • Under the bowl, loosen the attached bolts.
  • Remove the tank as well as the seal beneath.
  • Unscrew the wide plastic screw which holds the base of the filling system.
  • Use pliers to start unscrewing it, and finish by hand.

removed water tank

Reassemble the system and reservoir flushing

Now that the underside of the tank is out in the open, take this opportunity to clean any limescale deposits.
Scrub with a sponge soaked in white vinegar or other descaling product.

To reassemble the system and reposition the tank, do in reverse the actions you’ve enacted to get them out.

  • Connect the base of the new water filling system, as well as its seal. Tighten everything using using the wrench (usually supplied in the kit).
  • Replace the water tank on the toilet, and secure it with the bolts. Tighten it without overdoing it, as you may break the porcelain.

Install and adjust the float of the flush

Before putting back the flapper, chain or handle, you’ll need to adjust the overflow tube.

  • Connect the new float to the water fill valve.
  • On some models, this is done by activating a plastic screw near the float. On others, you’ll have to cut the overflow itself, after measuring the correct levels.
  • Once everything is set up properly, place the tank cover back.

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