Install A Smoke Detector

Every apartment or home needs to be equipped with smoke detectors to warn against any fires.
Here’s everything to know when installing your own detector.

Which smoke detector to choose?

Try to get smoke detectors that can be interconnected (wirelessly or otherwise). One sensor will trigger the alarm of all devices. This will facilitate awareness of the evacuation and fight against the fire.

Follow state and regional guidelines when it comes to picking the right equipment.

smoke detector

Which rooms to equip?

Install one smoke detector per occupied bedroom, or near them (so you can hear the alarm). The majority of deadly fires occur at night.
Install detectors in rooms where smokers sleep especially as the risk of fire is increased there.

Also place a sensor near stairs and corridors. These spots are often overlooked despite the fact smoke rushes inside them like a chimney.
You can also place a detector in every room with electrical appliances.

Be careful not to place a detector in the kitchen and near the cooking areas, which could trigger the smoke detector unintentionally. Same goes for the bathroom, with steam.

smoke detector ceiling

Where to place the detectors?

To be effective, the detectors must strike quickly once the fire starts.
Smoke rising into the air, smoke detectors should logically be placed on the ceiling, preferably in the middle of a room.

Place them at least two feet away from any corners as smoke reaches them last, once it has spread throughout the room.

If you have a house, place at least one detector per floor, and one every 20 feet in long hallways.

open smoke detector

Where not to install a detector

Avoid room where the temperature regularly reaches below 40°F/4°C or above 100°F/37°C.
Do not install a detector in your bathroom or garage. Once again, steam and smoke exhaust can cause false alarms.

Avoid installing them too close to heaters, windows, ceiling fans and air conditioners. If you place the detector in a highly ventilated area, it might not be triggered.

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