Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Sunny days are here, and with them the promise of relaxation in your patio or garden. It is time to take care of your furniture, and get them back to their top shape.
Here’s how to take clean your outdoor furniture in a few minutes.

Plastic | Wood | Metal

Clean plastic/PVC/resin furniture

plastic patio furniture
The most effective and least aggressive way to wash PVC furniture is using warm water and soap. It’s simple, cheap, convenient and very efficient.
Liquid soap is of course preferred, as it is a natural cleaner that doesn’t contain solvents or toxic substances.

If your white plastic furniture is starting to become a little grey:

  • Apply water with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

To bring back the shiny in your aged furniture:

  • Beat some egg-whites until stiff.
  • Apply the mixture in a thin layer on your furniture. Allow it to dry completely.
  • Polish the result with a soft cloth.

Clean wooden furniture

wooden patio furniture
With its natural and exotic look, wooden furniture needs to be treated to retain its original appearance over the years.

Wooden furniture can be cleaned with soapy water (again, simple liquid soap is best suited) and a soft brush. Avoid high-pressure cleaners that are likely to dig into the wood.

Exotic wood

Exotic wood furniture (teak or iroko) tends to lose its warm color. They’ll age into a grayish hue.
This aged look may be appealing to some, but if you prefer its honey color, apply once or twice a year linseed or flaxseed oil on your furniture. You’ll nourish and protect the wood.


To take care of your pine furniture, use soapy water and a stiff brush. Let it dry in the sun.
If you notice some damaged areas, strip them away. You can then apply a coat of wood stain to beautify and protect the wood.


Soapy water is a classic and effective recipe to clean rattan furniture.
If the rattan furniture has slightly yellowed, clean it with salt water and scrub with a brush. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly to remove the salt. Let it dry and wipe with a soft cloth.

Clean metal furniture

metal patio furniture
Aluminum is durable and easy to maintain with soap and water. The use of any abrasive material is strictly forbidden however.

When it comes to iron furniture, all you need to do is clean them with soap and water. However, they may have some rust spots. If that’s the case, wipe them with sandpaper or a wire brush.


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