Clean Your Kitchen Counter

How to clean a countertop greatly depends on its nature. For proper cleaning, there are no silver bullets. Each material reacts in its own way.
Here’s how to properly clean your kitchen counter, based on its materials.

Supplies | Wood | Granite | Tile | Resin

You’ll need:

  • Bowl
  • Clothing iron
  • Hot water
  • Soap (preferably black soap)
  • Cloth (microfiber)

Clean a wooden counter

wood counter
To clean a counter made of wood, there’s nothing more simple:

  • Mix hot water with black soap.
  • Place the mix on the counter.
  • Rub the counter with a microfiber cloth.

To remove non-greasy stains, use a lime.
If you do however have grease stains, place two or three sheets of paper towels on it, and put the hot clothing iron on them. No need to press, as the weight of the iron is sufficient.

Clean a granite/marble counter

granite counter
Granite and marble are very special materials, as they are often polished. Stains hardly penetrate the surface.
To clean stains, you’ll only need to use hot water and, if need be, a soapy mix.
Never use harsh chemical products on this type of countertop.
If you notice any stains or marks, use hydrogen peroxide to remove them.

Clean a tiled counter

tiled counter
Tiles are easy to clean, you can just use plain water.
If stains are persistent, you can use
Eventually, in case of persistent stains, you can use dedicated stain removers.
For more information on cleaning tiles and grout, see our dedicated article on the subject.

Clean a resin counter

resin counter
Resin is very convenient, but quite fragile. Cleaning should be done exclusively with hot water, without any additives.
Do not use harsh chemical products that may damage your countertop.
For degreasing the area, a few drops of lemon in a bowl of water is sufficient to overcome any stains.

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