4 Simple Tips To Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Cleaning and maintaining a nice bedroom is essential. Even if you’re not prone to allergies, good hygiene will help you enjoy a healthy and peaceful sleep.
Here are four simple tips to freshen up your bedroom in a few minutes.

1. Open Your Windows

open window
The first reflex is to aerate your bedroom. Open your windows wide, let some air in. This freshens up the area, and helps to remove and dislodge dust and mites in your bedding.
Don’t just make your bed: shake it all up, comforter and pillows alike.
If you have the time, drop them near your window, in the daylight, for thirty to sixty minutes. Mites and other bugs won’t appreciate it.

2. Change Your Bedding Regularly

bedding change
Duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases should be changed and washed at least every other week, if not weekly for optimal hygiene. In fact, during our sleep, we sweat and lose dander.
Only a regular bedding change of sheets can counter the proliferation of unwanted bugs and bacteria, while giving you a fresh, cozy and clean bed.

3. Don’t Forget Pillows/Duvets

bed pillows
Your duvets and pillows should not be forgotten and also need to be regularly taken care of.
Duvets need to be washed each season, and pillows at least twice a year. Also note that the average duvet has a lifespan of five years, while pillows should last about three years. They’ll then need to be renewed.

4. Clean Up Your Mattress

clean mattress
While you’re changing your sheets, make sure to vacuum your mattress to get rid of any dust. Also remember to turn it over at least twice a year, as well as reversing the direction of feet and head. You’ll relieve pressure points and prevent your mattress from sagging. A futon meanwhile should be turned over every week.
Don’t forget to vacuum the underside of your bed, where dust likes to settle. Also try not to lay your mattress directly on the ground.
For more details on cleaning your mattress, check out our dedicated article on the subject.

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