Clean Your Stove Burners

A stove-top requires regular cleaning, thanks to its burners. Grease may also impact the quality of the flame. A thorough clean, thanks to soapy water or white vinegar, will bring your burners back to full health. As for the grates, they can be cleaned overnight with little to no effort.
Here’s an easy way to fully clean stove burners.

You’ll need:

  • Liquid Soap
  • White vinegar/Wine vinegar
  • Sponge
  • Cloth
  • Coarse Salt
  • Baking Soda
  • Used Toothbrush (optional)

Clean the burners

Never use chemical or abrasive products to clean your burners!

  • Put the burners in a water bath mixed with liquid soap.
  • Scrub them with a sponge. Leave them a few minute in the soapy water.
  • Remove them from the bath and rinse with clean water.
  • With a cloth, dry them. Put the burners back.

If the burners are extremely dirty:

  • Put them in a white vinegar or wine bath. Let the burners in the liquid for a few hours.
  • Rinse them thoroughly with clean water.
  • Let them dry completely before putting them back.

Clean the grates

Stove grates get dirty very easily, and are fairly difficult to clean up if you want to avoid ugly splash-backs. Fortunately, we have a solution that makes everything easy.

  • If you have a dishwasher, start off by using it for the grates. Most of the dirt will be removed (if not all).
  • Prepare a bath of wine vinegar. Add in coarse salt and baking soda. Chose a large enough container that will alow you to submerge the grates completely without using too much vinegar.
  • Leave them overnight.
  • Rinse the grates with water. They should be like new.
  • For stubborn dirt spots, you can use an old toothbrush to get into corners.

Efficient cleaning, without any wasted time.

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