Repair A Squeaky Door

Repair A Squeaky Door

Get rid of the ominous sound of a squeaky door. Here are some simple tips to help you fix the problem in a few minutes.

1. Lift the door

wedged door
Start by completely opening the door. It needs to be completely open or the door may hit the jamb (frame) when you lift it.
Slide your mason chisel or screwdriver under the door. Remember to place a piece of cardboard between the door and chisel to protect it.
Place something sturdy under the tool to use as leverage. Press the chisel, the door will rise.
Do not take it off its hinges. Place a second wedge under the door to hold it in this raised position.

2. Oil the hinges

oiled hinge
Put on each of the hinges a little bit of Vaseline oil (petroleum jelly). A few drops are enough.
You can also use other fatty components, but not too much otherwise you’ll get black marks. Never use cooking oil.
Petroleum jelly is very fluid, and it’s likely it may spread, especially if you’ve put on too much. Wipe of any excess.
One finished, gently remove the wedge under the door.
Open and close the door multiple times to distribute the oil all along the axis. The door shouldn’t squeak anymore.
If this isn’t the case, you’ll need to remove the door from its hinges.

3. Unhinge the door

lift the door
Lift the door enough to release it from its hinges. One person should hold the door wide open, freed from its frame, while another should raise it.
If the door is heavy, pry it with a mason chisel placed on a wooden block (for leverage). Make sure you use a piece of cardboard between the door and chisel to avoid leaving a mark. Lift the door and gently place it on the ground.
With mineral spirits, clean the axis and add a little oil/grease.
Replace the door. Rotate it several times.

Other Common Issues

rusted hinge
If none of the above solutions helped you get rid of the squeaking, it’s possible your door may have other issues. Here are a few additional solutions to common problems.

Friction discs

Another solution to eliminate squeaks is to change the friction discs.
When the door is removed, install one or two brass friction discs (also called friction washers) along the axes of the hinges.
If there are already a few there, you can replace them with thicker variants.

Rusty hinges

In this case, clean the hinge axis with an emery cloth or sandpaper.
Place and rotate the drill bit into the female side, then clean with a cloth with oil and grease.

Too much paint

Your door can also be creaking because of too many successive layers of paint.
In this case, use a blowtorch to file or strip the edge of the door and the inside of the frame.

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