Install Your Large Mirror

Installing a large mirror on a wall is no easy task. You need to do precise and careful work in advance to account the large size of the object.
Here’s how to properly, and easily install your mirror.

1. Take the right measurements

measuring wall
Taking accurate measurements of your mirror and wall is a vital step that shouldn’t be overlooked.
Determine the base position of your mirror where you’ll be installing it. Make sure everything is straight. If the mirror is to be placed above a shelf, a sink or bench, also check how straight the element is (to match it).

With a pencil, draw two marks on either side of the measurement. With a large ruler, connect the two marks. You’ll have visually drawn the base of the mirror. Mark the positions of the nails/fixings.
Choose the height of the upper anchorage point of the mirror according to its size. Record that on the wall, starting from the previously drawn base.

2. Picking the fixings

wall fixings
The support structure is a very important parameter when it comes to larger mirrors. Be careful with using screws or nails provided with the mirror, which may not be appropriate with your wall.

On a plasterboard or door, you’ll need expandable or special anchors (molly fixings). It will be the weight of your hanging mirror that will determine the size and width of the anchor.
For concrete walls, there are helical sleeves which equally distribute the tightening force of the screw.

To strengthen fasteners into wall panels you can use chemical sealers or add expansive polyurethane foam.

3. Installing the mirror

installing mirror
Drill the wall using a drill adapted to the structure of the marks previously made.
Insert the anchor on the entire length. Use a hammer if needed. Screw in the fixings.
Install the mirror on the wall by sliding it on the fasteners.

4. Alternative method

mirror mastic
If you want to install your mirror permanently but would rather avoid drilling your wall, you can use paste.
After cleaning and degreasing the surface, use a special wall glue for your mirror. This mastic fixing is resistant to moisture and tear. Your mirror will stay in place for many years.

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