3 Ways To Improve Your Home With Bamboo

3 Ways To Improve Your Home With Bamboo

Bamboo has become a multifaceted material for any home. It is resistant to heat and moisture, and very strong.
Here are three ways to use it in your place.

Flooring | Panels | Counters


bamboo flooring
Obtained by sawing the trunk in length, bamboo strips are planed and heated in an oven. They are then pressed and bonded together under high pressure.
There are three ways to assemble the strips, which determines their appearance.
Horizontal: Slats are pressed horizontally, and nodes are visible every 7-8 inches.
Vertical: Slats are pressed vertically, which hides the nodes. The visible portion gives birth to a pattern characterized by fine narrow lines.
Densified: Flooring is twice as tough and resilient, and has a veined appearance. They are made from compressed “bamboo strings”.

Bamboo flooring can be installed and treated the same way as traditional wooden flooring. In other words, they can be glued or nailed. When it comes to finishing them, the range is wide from oil to clear varnish.
Other bamboo products are prefinished in factories. They can already be oiled, brushed or vitrified. Depending on the quality and finish, prices can go to $100 for 10ft².

Decorative Panels

bamboo panels
Bamboo can easily be used as decorative panels throughout your house. You can use them to make furniture, shelves, etc. You can use these panels in very interesting ways, and play with visible edges.
The thickness of a single layer can vary from under an inch to several. Horizontal-assembled bamboos will usually be much thinner than their vertical counterparts.
Solid bamboo versions consist of several of these layers superimposed and crossed. The thickness also varies, from 0.1 inch up to 3.

Kitchen Counters

bamboo counter
Bamboo is a great material to use as kitchen counters. It’s usually read-to-install when purchased a large stores (Home Depot, etc), or can also be bought custom-made. In addition to varied thickness, it is also ranging in length anywhere from 4 to 10 feet.

The material resists well to moisture and shock, provided that it is protected with a layer of hard oil or varnish. All you need is only a sponge to maintain it. Price-wise, natural bamboo is much cheaper than exotic woods.
Its hardness is 27% greater than that of oak. It’s very stable, and contracts/expands twice as less as hardwood under heat and moisture.

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