5 Ideas To Increase Space

5 Ideas To Increase Space

Getting some additional space without moving seems like an impossible task, but it’s not.
Colors, lighting, and furniture are some of the areas you’ll be working on to visually or literally enlarge your space.

Focus on bright colors

bright colorful room
This is probably one of the most well-known tricks in the book: white walls visually expand the space.
But this is isn’t the only color to have this power. In fact, all bright colors, as well as cold (green/blue) and pastel ones allow the brightness to contrast with darker colors. The illusion created is that of a less cramped area.
This concept also applies to the floor. Light brownish wood or white tiles are some examples of light colors available in flooring.

However, to avoid having a colder apartment than a hospital, you should still play with warmer colors, here and there.
Think about ways to use these colors occasionally, maybe with a sticker, a sheet of wallpaper, or a picture painted on the wall.
Another option, popular in Scandinavian countries, is to go for highly colorful decorative accessories. A fluorescent cushion, or a bright yellow coffee table are enough to wake up a room.

Take care of the lighting

room lighting
This may be obvious, but a well-lit room looks larger than a dark room.
If natural light is insufficient, multiply the light sources. Bring out from the shadows your living room or bedroom.

For ambient lighting, the focus is on the essential lights that illuminate the ceiling. You want to expand the volume of your room.

The ideal equipment is a dimmer to lower lights at night (when you’re perusing through a book on the couch).
Once again, the objective is to enlarge the room visually. You can complete the overall lighting with additional light sources from different positions (suspended, on tables, etc.).

For more lighting tips, you can take a look at our guide on how to choose lighting (room by room).

Invest in a mirror

large mirror
Of course, we’re not talking about a small pocket mirror, but a huge one.
Indeed, the bigger the mirror, the more light it will reflect. It will create a sense of grandeur to the room where it is located.

Either over a large part, or the entirety of the wall, you’ll therefore need a striking mirror.
The ideal location is always near a window, but never facing it completely (it will reflect the light back out).
And two mirrors face-to-face will create an “infinite space” effect.

Practicality over quantity

practical furniture
Whatever the season, a little bit of spring cleaning isn’t gonna hurt.
When it comes to furniture especially, it’s about time to get rid of the superfluous, and keep only the bare minimum.
Moving about the house should be free of clutter.

Rather than a ton of individual storage unit, consider having one large piece of furniture to store everything.
We’re not talking here about some giant piece of furniture inherited from your grandmother. But how about a large library, or closet with light colors and clean lines.

Folding tables, futon, foldable desks; all these are some of the many examples of practical furniture that can make the best of your small space. They’ll end up saving you a ton of area.

Try sliding doors

sliding doors
Even if they allow a fully open space when they’re completely open, classic hinged doors need to have a large clearance area.

Where possibly, try to replace them with sliding doors. You’ll get back some space, since you don’t need to worry about clearing the area around them.
This is also a good solution for closet doors.

You can also go for large windows or transparent partitions to separate rooms, which will allow you to gain some brightness.
For more about ways to divide a room without using walls, check out our article on the subject.

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