Install Your Wall Tiles

Installing tiles on your walls couldn’t be simpler. Once the wall has been cleaned and prepped, it is time to get to it.
Here’s how to install tiles efficiently.

Preparing the tiles

prepping tiles
Installing wall tiles requires that everything fits nicely together. The first row of tiles will determine the rest. It is therefore vital for them to be positioned carefully.
Use a leveler to correctly install the batten. Temporarily rest the first row of tiles on it using the adhesive. You’ll be able to identify cuts that need to be made.
Number each tile on its underside. Prepare the tile adhesive according to the instructions on the packaging. You can use mastic or thinset mortar.
Cut the tiles with an appropriate cutter. File them down and sand the sharper edges.

Installing the tiles

installing tiles
With a notched trowel, apply the glue to small areas, uniformly. Place the first tile and add a small perpendicular cross/brace in the corners. Add the next tile, and so on in numerical order.
In the corners, keep adding the braces. They’ll be embedded in until you remove them at the end.
With each row, lay a board flat on the wall. Gently tap it with a rubber mallet or hammer surrounded by a cloth. You’ll ensure better adhesion of the tiles to the glue.
Check regularly that everything is properly horizontal and vertical. Wipe off any grout excess with a damp cloth as you go.

Finishing touches

finishing tiled wall
Once the mortar is dry, and the braces removed (about twelve hours later), apply the grout in the joints. This is the last key step to installing your wall tiles.
Using the rubber spatula, fill the gaps between the tiles with liquid mortar. Smooth it out immediately with your fingers.
Wait at least an hour before washing everything with a damp sponge. Avoid digging into the joints.

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