3 Ways To Celebrate Moving

When you’re moving to a new place, whether it be an apartment or home, it’s important to recognize the importance of the moment.
Here are three ways to celebrate moving.

Moving Day Party

moving day party
It may sound strange, but you can easily do a party before you even move.
After having figured out what you’re taking with you (or even with everything packed), take a look at the leftover stuff. The things you can’t really sell or put up on eBay. Even if you can’t bring them with you, for one reason or another, you’ve become attached to these old memories.
Why not invite your friends over for an evening, and offer them to leave the party with one of these objects/furniture piece that you don’t want/can’t keep?
In return, ask them to bring, not another “thing”, but instead a piece of the potluck (dessert, pizza, wine, beer, etc.).
Everyone will be in the mood of celebrating a new beginning, and the last night your old apartment or home where you’ve lived all these years. A last goodbye.

Housewarming Party

housewarming party
The most traditional of them all.
When you’re making the list of things to do when you’re moving into a new place, consider adding “organizing a housewarming party” to it.
Your first night in your new home is undoubtedly a peculiar experience. Before leaving your old place, get all the necessities to prepare a decent party with the bare minimum.
If your resources a limited, just get the basics (soda, pizza, etc.). You can ask your guests to bring the more expensive items.
Don’t hesitate to bring games to your party. Make everything as comfortable and fun as you can, as spending a party in a bare-bones apartment/house isn’t usually joyful.

Neighbors’ Night

neighbors night
In the days following your move to your new place, it’s important to meet and socialize with your neighbors. Why not throw a small gathering in your apartment/home, and share a drink with everyone?
Since you don’t know the tastes and habits of your neighbors at this point, go with a safe casual celebration, on a Friday or Saturday night (but not too late). It’s always good to offer free food and drinks, rather than count on strangers to contribute to a potential potluck. Meet and greet.

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