Greeting Your Guests

Knowing how to greet friends and acquaintances at home means ensuring they’ll have a good time.
Here are some basic hosting tips to bring the best out of your guests.

How should I dress and greet?

The first politeness is to be ready before anyone rings your bell. Stop any conversation you’re having on your phone or computer and turn off the TV. Nothing is more rude than having television screaming when your guests arrive.

Dress as you recommended your guests. With that said, don’t over do it. No need to go all out and outshine the people you have invited. Let your guests dazzle.
As soon as they enter, take your guests’ coats, umbrellas and other accessories, or indicate where to put them.

friendly greet

How to receive a surprise gift?

If one of your guests offers you flowers, put them in a vase. If you’re offered a bottle of wine, serve it with appetizers. If you’re offered chocolates or sweets, present it with the coffee or desserts. And if the the gift is any other object, place it prominently in the living room.
Thank discreetly the generous guest so as not to shame those who came empty-handed.
If you’re unable to open the gift during the same evening, don’t forget to thank them the following day.

happy friends

How to ease my guests?

Have a nice word towards everyone of your guests, without insisting too much. You don’t want to leave any of them alone too long.
Bring them into the living room and introduce them to other guests. If some don’t know each other, don’t leave them in ignorance.
And let the conversations begin while you go back to the kitchen (or socialize).

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