5 Amazing Homemade Nutella Recipes

Who doesn’t love Nutella? Sadly, it’s pricey and honestly not all that “natural” (or even that healthy). A 13-oz jar will contain, aside from hazelnuts and skim milk, “enough cocoa to make it brown, and a lot of sugar.” That’s according to Mort Rosenblum’s “Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light.” In other words, today’s commercial Nutella (at least in the US), is mostly sugar flavored with cocoa and hazelnuts. Not that appetizing.
Fortunately, there are amazing recipes available to make your own Nutella. In fact, they taste even better than the original (and are less fattening). Here are the best of the best.

Chocolate Covered Katie Nutella
First off, we have Chocolate Covered Katie’s own “Better Than Nutella” recipe. It sounds ambitious, but thanks to its use of stevia and xylitol, it turns out to be one of the healthiest, and delicious home-made spreads around.
The final product has 4 times less sugar than the original version. It’s all natural, and smooth like butter.
Bonus points: it’s cool beans for vegans (no pun intended).
Desserts With Benefits Nutella
If you want for a more flavorful hazelnut presence, we recommend this beautiful recipe by Jessica over at Desserts With Benefits. The “DIY Nutella” is also 100% natural and tastes pretty amazing.

Su Good Sweets Nutella
Next up, we have Su Good Sweets’ “chocolate-hazelnut spread“, that combines the usual Nutella ingredients with nut oil and a little bit more cocoa powder. There’s also a “second version” available which has caramel powder and no added oil. It’ll be less smooth than the original, but more flavorful.

Chicagoist Nutella
If you want a more straightforward approach with a ton of step-by-step pictures, Chicagoist has you covered with the simplest Nutella spread recipe here. For people who want a “quick and dirty” guide to their own Nutella, this is it. It’s the most basic of all, but good nonetheless!

Brown Eyed Baker Nutella
Finally, for a more “traditional” Nutella, Brown Eyed Baker is offering their own recipe, adapted from the one found in The America’s Test Kitchen DIY Cookbook. It features a 15-minute prep time and a spread “full of roasted hazelnuts and a rich chocolate flavor.”

I’m salivating way too much over here. It’s time to make some Nutella!

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