4 Golden Rules For A Great Surprise Birthday Party

For a surprise birthday party to go smoothly, everything must be set like clockwork. Once you’ve figured out the date, it’s time to prep.
Here are the four golden rules to follow for the perfect surprise.

1. Let the guests in on the secret

In order not to keep the event a secret, of course, you should let all your guests know that this is a surprise so they don’t snitch on you. Give everyone a preferred time to arrive, as well as a “no later than” time so they don’t get to the place at the same time as the surprised birthday guest.
You invite the guests however you prefer. It can be anything from conventional invites, to evites, and other Facebook events.

2. Prepare everything in advance

You have pretty much limitless options when it comes to locations for your party. The trick is to have everything tailored based on the birthday person’s tastes, and not your own. Remember that this event is for someone else.
When it comes to decorations, you should stick with your theme (if you have one). Be sure to take care of everything way before the day of the event. Whether it is food, balloons, and gifts, you’ll need everything ready to go.

3. Distract the birthday boy/girl

So that your honored guest doesn’t suspect anything, it’s best to send him/her on the wrong track (instead of not making plans). You can say you’ve got a small dinner planned at your favorite restaurant, or maybe you’re catching up with old friends. He/she won’t suspect a thing, until you bring him/her to the birthday bash. Worst case scenario, the guest may realize there’s something unusual going on.

4. Pick great music

To guarantee a great atmosphere, there’s nothing better than to pick the right kind of music for the birthday party. It’s always easiest to go with classics, instead of, say, classical music or hard-rock. You can give your playlist a theme you can follow at the beginning, but be sure to have some variety in the mix. You don’t want to dance on 80s-only music all night long.
If you like to sing, you can even set up your own karaoke with a computer/screen and a mic, or rent the equipment needed.

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