Create A Fall Balcony Garden

Now that summer has past, it is time to refresh the balcony and get the decorations fired up for the fall.
From foliage to decor and flowers, here’s everything to know when crafting your autumn decor.

Decorative Foliage

fall foliage
To create your personal autumnal scenery , start by acquiring small attractive shrubs based on their pretty colored wood or beautiful variegated foliage.
Holly, depending on the variety, can exhibit prickly leaves, with some sprinkles of silvery white.

When it comes to more memorable foliage, try Japanese skimmias, which often have green leaves and lovely rose bouquets. The aucubas combine foliage splashed with gold and abundant fruits.

Don’t overlook the lasting effects of grasses such as miscanthus and pennisetums. Unless you prefer the curious bronze sedges.


fall flowers
Adopt pink heather plants (Erica). They will freeze well after the frosts, but won’t be able to be recovered.
However, this isn’t the case of winter varieties, mostly the carnea variations. These prove more accommodating to a soil with more limestone, provided they aren’t too tight.

You can complete your fall tableau with a few other plants, such as violas or primroses, which will provide a wide selection of colored varieties.
Note that some modern varieties of cyclamen are resistant to cold temperatures, and bloom all winter long in the protected environment of a balcony. They thus represent a novel alternative to the common biennials plants.

Enhance the decor

fall decorations balcony
As Halloween approaches, you have a great excuse to call upon diverse shapes and colors, through cucurbits, squash, gourds, and of course pumpkins. You’ll want to instill some sense of originality and festive touch to your plantings.

Hang smaller gourds on the branches of your shrubs. Exhibit the carved work created on larger pumpkins.
Think also of pine-cones you can collect on your family walks. Why not color or spray paint them. They’ll be ready to be clustered at the foot of some of your plant containers.

To animate it all, think of crafting a scarecrow and use the imaginative thoughts of your friends and family to create one in the style of the Wizard of Oz (or other reference).
Finally, you can append a broom evoking a witch or a customized watering can specifically for the holiday.

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