Indoor Kitchen Plants

The kitchen is often a bright, hot and humid spot. In other words, it’s perfect for some great indoor plants.
Here are seven great plants you can keep in your kitchen.


  • Ventilating the kitchen is essential when you have plants. Open the windows when the outside temperature exceeds 65°F/18°C.
  • In cooler weather, run the range hood for at least 3 hours per day. Make sure at least that the mechanical ventilation renews the air in the kitchen once a month to avoid an atmosphere that is too moist.

Cayenne plant

Will bring to maturity fruits of various colors throughout the fall and winter.
Light requirements: High
Maintenance: Water every three days from May to September (once a week when the temperature falls below 60°F/15°C). Keep fresh potting soil. Every 15 days, add a liquid fertilizer.


In a decorative pot or glass jars, this bulb will produce many colorful flowers.
Light requirements: Average
Maintenance: The dry air of homes suits the hyacinth. Sprinkle it a little every 3 days when the plant is in bloom. Bring a liquid fertilizer when it buds. Avoid locations near heat sources.


A bulb that can be forced and very colorful.
Light requirements: High
Maintenance: Sprinkle it 2 or 3 times a week. When the flowers fade, add a tomato fertilizer every other week.


Many varieties, many colors.
Light requirements: Average
Maintenance: Keep the root ball moist. While growing, make a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants every week. Repot every year after flowering or from vegetation in February-March.


Fern with delicate and rounded fronds. A dull green worn by brown stems.
Light requirements: Low
Maintenance: Water once a week from October to March, and then three times a week in summer. Add in May a liquid fertilizer for green plants once a week.

Acorus gramineus

Acorus gramineus
Persistent foliage resembling grass. No flowers in the house. Can be planted in an aquarium.
Light requirements: Low to high
Maintenance: The bottom of the pot should always swim in water. Add liquid fertilizer once a month from May to September. Repot every 2-3 years when the tuft is too large for its pot.

Cyperus papyrus

cyperus papyrus
Has bracts arranged like an umbrella.
Light requirements: High
Maintenance: Install it in a pot permanently containing 5 to 10 cm of water. Bring fertilizer for green plants once a month from March to October. Repot in March when the plant is very cramped in its pot.

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