5 Types of Plants To Choose For Your Small Garden

With a small surface area, a few rookie mistakes can be made when picking new seedlings.
Here are five types of plants to choose from when flowering your small garden.

Low-maintenance plants

low maintenance plants
A common error when picking plants for a smaller garden is to be pressed for time. In other words, picking plants with rapid growth, that will later require high maintenance once they reached their regular size. Topiary or high hedges are such examples. Similarly, avoid getting spiny plants where the constant maintenance can quickly get frustrating. Unless you’re aiming for a visual block from outsiders looking in, these large plants will be too much of a pain to take care of. Always prefer lower-maintenance ones.

Groundcover plants

Groundcover plants are essential to combat weeds, but they also provide a dense and impeccable look to your small garden. Although seeing the soil itself is common and acceptable in larger gardens, it is much less aesthetic in a confined space. If you can’t grow groundcover plants, use decorative mulch instead, either organic or inorganic.

Multifaceted plants

multifaceted plants
Rather than choosing plants with fleeting look, think of plants that can produce two or three different visuals. Evergreens or small fruit trees are great examples of plants that will occupy space in your garden while still being more rewarding than more traditional ones.

Climbing plants

climbing plants
Learn to garden in 3D, using all possible areas, including walls, fences, and trellises. They’ll allow you to grow ornamental climbing plants and vines. You’ll be able to decorate the entire area, both in length and height. Also consider hanging suspended pots and planters along your walls and trees to increase the concentration of greenery and flowers.

Seasonal plants

seasonal plants
To take full advantage of your area, try to have various plants for individual seasons, You’ll have a changing spectacle in your garden.
You can have some decorative foliage and tree trunks for the winter, fleeting flowers for spring, perennials and roses flowering during the summer, and brightly colored flowers in the fall.

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