7 Bathroom Wastebaskets

Tissues and other trash can quickly accumulate in your bathroom, but what if your room is too small?
Here are seven great bathroom wastebaskets, from the simplest to the more elegant.

Umbra Mezzo Trash Can

umbra mezzo
Simple and efficient, this basic trash can (with push-top lid) is neither too small nor too big. In other words, it should fit perfectly in any bathroom (especially smaller ones). It also has a brushed metallic finish. No fear of it looking cheap.
Where to buy: Wayfair – $15

InterDesign Pail Wastecan

indesign pail wastecan
If you’re looking for pure originality, here’s a trash bucket that looks like, well, an actual bucket. It can hold up to 3.3 gallons of trash, and is made of a heavy, sturdy metal construction. Solid choice. Be warned that the lettering can be smeared.
Where to buy: Amazon – $23

Tangere Seagrass Waste Basket

tangere seagrass basket
For a more natural vibe, this seagrass basket adds a beautiful and elegant vibe to your place. Given its materials and coloring, the basket will also feel quite unique, especially in an all-white bathroom.
Where to buy: Bed, Bath & Beyond – $13

Umbra Touch Bathroom Waste Can

umbra touch waste can
Designed by Alan Wisniewski, here’s an affordable and elegant waste can that will neatly blend in your white bathroom. It is compact, durable, and easy to clean (thanks to its molded plastic materials). Kind of reminds you of an Apple product.
Where to buy: Amazon – $16

Threshold Step Can

threshold step can
If what you need is a simple and sleek trash bin for your bathroom, with a lid that keeps your pets out of it, this can is a viable option. The best part is its bronze powder coat which gives it an very elegant finish. The opening is also hands-free thanks to its pedal.
Where to buy: Target – $24

Umbra Boomba Bamboo Waste Can

umbra boomba
Thinking of going green? Here’s a waste can made of renewable bamboo with a natural finish. It may be a tad small for some, but if you’re only using for a few tissues, it shouldn’t be a problem.
Where to buy: Amazon – $30

Jonathan Adler Hollywood Bath Waste Basket

adler hollywood basket
On the pricey (and fancy) side of waste baskets, Jonathan Adler offers this sleek bathroom accessory in acrylic with nickel accents. Available in white or orange, this basket is a great minimalistic option.
Where to buy: Bloomingdale’s – $89

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