5 Simple Tips To Save Space With Your Beauty Products

Bathroom space is usually pretty limited. Yet, we continue to accumulate dozens, if not hundreds of beauty products.
Here are five simple ways to free up valuable space by being selective with your beauty products.

1. Stop Buying Products For Every Part Of Your Body

bathroom products
Do you really need a cream for every single portion of your face?
Here are some ways to cut back:

  • When it comes to your creams, pick one that suits your skin particularly well. And stick with it.
  • For face-peeling masks, you can remove them altogether from your shopping list (I’ve personally stopped using them). I pretty much only use a brush and soap to remove dead skin. It also works with exfoliating gloves.
  • Finally, for other facial masks, natural ingredients that can pretty much be stored forever are your best bet. Clay can be kept in a glass jar for a long time. You’ll obviously need to have appropriate containers and utensils to stir/use the product, but you’ll save space, time, and money.

2. Buy When Empty

empty toothpaste
This is a pretty basic tip, but you should only buy new products when your bottles and tubes are almost empty. Of course, don’t wait until you run out entirely of your favorite cream. The idea is to stop buying stuff, especially when it’s not needed. You’ll save a lot of time doing things you like, rather than shopping in an artificially-lit store.

3. Reduce Space

bathroom cabinet
A more radical solution is to simply cut back on storage space entirely. You simply won’t be able to have as many stuff in your bathroom. You’ll have to reorganize drawers and cupboards, so as to provide adequate shelving for your favorite products, and not an inch more.

4. Share Products

beauty bottles
If you are living under the same roof as family members, or your significant other, perhaps you can think about combining and/or sharing care products. For example, if no one is taking care of a specific hair problem, everyone could be using the same shampoo bottle. Of course, that doesn’t work if someone needs an anti-dandruff shampoo, but you can still reduce the number of bottles around.

5. Adopt A Bar Soap

bar of soap
By sticking with a bar soap, you’ll save a lot of space, and time. There are many kinds, and are long lasting. Plus, they don’t take a lot of space and require less packaging. Although, please, don’t let them soak in water when you start using them.

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