Frequently Asked Questions

What is Groomed Home about?

Groomed Home is a site that covers tips and tricks for streamlining your housework, the modern way. In other words, lifehacks for your place.
Updated daily, we give you tutorials, DIY projects, how-to’s and other advice for getting things done in your home or apartment.
We’re not here to waste your time. We’re here to simplify it.
Groomed Home is the most practical website when it comes to your place. Cleaning, organizing, decorating, gardening, entertaining people over. We have it all.


The average American spends almost two hours a day on housework. Sounds insane? We think so too. We created Groomed Home to help out people overwhelmed, and those without any idea on where to start.
We all had that first apartment. What a mess.

What does “Groomed Home” mean?

Grooming means to “take care of one’s appearance.” In other words, when a home is groomed, it means you made it all nice and proper.

What is TL;DR?

“Too Long, Didn’t Read.”

I am shocked you haven’t responded to my e-mail!

Your thousands outnumber our handful of people. We absolute love messages from our readers, but we receive way more e-mails than we can possibly respond. We’re very thankful that you’ve written to us. I can assure you one of us saw your message. I’m truly sorry that we don’t enough hours in the day to respond to every message we get. If you had thoughts about a specific post, we encourage you to leave a comment on the article itself. That way, everyone can see it too!

I haven’t received an answer to a question I had about a post. What’s up with that?

We sadly cannot research the answers of every specific reader question we receive. If you want advice about a specific article, your best bet is to submit a comment on the post itself.

Why didn’t you post the tip I sent in?

We can’t post anywhere near all the tips we receive. If you submitted something, thank you! If we didn’t post it, please don’t take it personally. Usually, if the tip was previously posted, doesn’t fit Groomed Home, or doesn’t float our boat, we pass on it. Sorry.

You posted something that’s incorrect or incomplete!

If you’re aware of a factual error on Groomed Home, please alert us by sending an e-mail.
The contact forms are over here.

May I reprint an article on my web site or in my book or magazine?

It depends. Does it abide by our Terms of Use?
The rule of thumb is that you can share links back to Groomed Home, but not directly copy content from us to post it elsewhere.