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How To Plant Tomatoes

Have you ever wondered how to plant tomatoes? It's not as complicated as you'd think. Here's an easy-to-follow guide.

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Kitchen Countertop Basics: 3 Classic Materials

Picking a kitchen countertop is no easy task, let alone choosing the material. Here are three classic kitchen countertop materials to chose from.

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Make Your Own Headboard

Headboards need to be pretty, but they're expensive. We came up with some quick and cheap solutions to help you make your own headboards.

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10 Minute Dorm Room Cleanup

You have a paper due but you're having people over. No need to stress out. Here's an easy guide to a 10-minute dorm cleanup.

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10 Minute Living Room Cleanup

Don't go on a mad scramble to throw stuff behind your couch. Learn to clean your living room in under 10 minutes.

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10 Minute Kitchen Cleanup

If you don't have time to waste, then this 10-minute kitchen cleanup guide will be for you.

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10 Minute Bedroom Cleanup

If you need your bedroom cleaned up at a moment's notice, here is our 10-minute cleanup guide.

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10 Minute Bathroom Cleanup

Who has time to clean up their bathroom? We offer you a 10-minute guide to do your magic.

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Welcome to Groomed Home: The End of Your Chores

At Groomed Home, we believe that taking care of your place should not be a chore.

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