Why You Should Unclutter For Yourself

Why You Should Unclutter For Yourself

Objects are often associate with people or times in our lives. An anchor that can be reassuring. Getting rid of these items, leaving them in the hands of strangers, can be a difficult abandonment. Learning to unclutter is a vital part of letting go, and even of regaining self-confidence.

Learn to let go

let go
No need to get rid of everything, and only keep a pillow. It is more about having a clearer look at what surrounds you. Do you really need all these objects? Those clothes you haven’t worn in five years? This sports equipment used three times?

Choosing to sort out your things also means sorting out yourself. It’s corny, but it’s true. Letting go of old objects that tether back to your past is opening yourself to something new. Putting order in your things will allow you to live in a more pleasant and conducive environment.

A better home

minimalist home
Simplifying your surroundings makes it easier to maintain an orderly and organized home. Shelves are easier to dust, closets simpler, and objects easier to find. With less furniture, and fewer items, your home is clearer. In other words, clarity in your home will highlight the real objects you care about. It’s about quality over quantity.

Appreciating value

one ring
It may seem contradictory, but getting rid of unnecessary items will allow you to better assess the value of what you acquire. Instead of compulsively buying, choosing an object based on its usefulness (or even beauty) will enable you to appreciate it much more.

When I first moved out to New York, I tended to accumulate purchases (electronics, decoration, even plants). I justified all of this by the need to invest in my new home. I quickly found out that I was wasting time, money and space. I then made it a habit to push back at least three times any purchases above 100 dollars. In the majority of cases, I ended up not purchasing the item, since I realized I did not actually need it. And when I did buy it, I felt no remorse. The objects I acquired that way I appreciated more. Plus, I ended up saving a lot of money.

Time to unclutter

sell stuff
Look around you. What can you sell on eBay? What can you give out to charity, or friends? It is true that uncluttering your home is not an easy task. You can feel discouraged by the amount of work it’ll take. But like any project, it’s all done step by step (day by day).
No need to empty out the attic (or even all your drawers) in a single afternoon. Small steps.

If you feel too much attachment to a particular object, think about the good it can do for someone else. For example, that leather jacket that you love (but haven’t worn in years) could be very valuable to someone in need.
Simplifying your home will help you let go of the past while increasing the value of the real objects you care about. You control your things.

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