Make Floral Ice Cubes

Make Floral Ice Cubes

It’s summer time, and you’re hosting a pool party. Ice will be needed for drinks, but what about making them extra fancy?
Introducing floral ice cubes. The French blog “Je Le Veux, Je Le Fais” offers a great how-to guide on creating them.
They’re a very delicate detail for a reception, or even a romantic tête–à–tête.
Here are the five steps to make the perfect floral ice cubes.

1. Select the flowers

select flowers
This is probably the most critical step. It’s very important to choose flowers that are edible. You can check this page for a common list of edible flowers.
Make sure the selected flowers were not in contact with any pesticides or chemicals.
When you’ve checked everything, you can mix the flowers together.

2. Place the flowers in the tray

flowers in ice cube tray
Once the selection is completed, collect and spread the flowers across the various areas of the ice tray.
You can alternate them, or put them up or down. Play with what you have.

3. Add water

add water ice cube tray
When you’re satisfied with the way everything looks, add water to the tray.
Be careful not to overfill. This could lead to problems when you unmold the cubes, once frozen.

4. Put tray in freezer

ice cube tray freezer
Place the ice cube tray in your freezer, until they’re completely frozen. At least two hours.

5. Unmold and serve

serve ice cubes
You can leave the tray in your freezer until serving time.
When your guests arrive, take it out, and unmold the cubes.
Place them in your favorite cocktails for the perfect presentation.

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