Picking Bedroom Colors

Picking Bedroom Colors

You want to give a facelift to your bedroom’s walls, but you don’t know what color to choose?
From neutral and colorful tones, to ones to avoid, we have you covered.


blue bedroom
Indigo, turquoise, dark blue; they come in a thousand shades, all of them inviting you to relax and unwind.
Unsurprisingly, blue is one of the most popular colors around when it comes to bedrooms.

Using the color

To avoid an “under the sea” ambiance, you should avoid accessories and furniture with navy blue tendencies. Instead, try for ones with shades of brown, gray or white.
Don’t forget to add some colorful accents to the room. You’ll want to give it some personality with interesting throw pillows, green photo frames, or red bed linens.


green bedroom
Nature’s color, green is the perfect choice when you want to revitalize a room that has become a little dull. And that’s without preventing you from sleeping.
When selected in pastel tones, green paint also offers the same soothing qualities as blue walls, while allowing for a more original room.
For a more striking room, try out lime or lichen green.

Using the color

For a breath of fresh air in the room, head for some white furniture.
For a more natural atmosphere, you’ll want to showcase wooden furniture, and add a few touches of pink, yellow and blue.


purple bedroom
Purple is the color of choice for places of meditation and relaxation.
Very versatile, it offers many different moods, depending on whether you choose lighter or darker colors.
Colors like purple or lavender bring a sweetness and freshness to your room, while darker colors like aubergine or brinjal purple enhance the elegant side of the room.

Using the color

For a glamorous look, we favor a decoration in gray and black tones, with metal buttons.
For a more feminine room, combine purple with other light colors (white or ivory).


pink bedroom
Contrary to popular belief, pink is not just for little girls’ rooms.
You can choose it in multiple variants, from pink eggshell, to bolder choices, like fuchsia (on one side of the wall). It will give warmth to your room, without being too “girly”.

Using the color

For a sophisticated room, you’ll want to associate pink with metallic materials. For example, golden suspended lights, or silver picture frames.
If you love a more romantic decor, then choose furniture in light colors, and sprinkle some pearly touches across your decoration (pastel or otherwise).

Neutral colors

neutral bedroom
Those who are not adventurous for their bedroom colors can always take refuge in neutral tones. You’ll rarely be disappointed with the results.
From beige to gray, to all shades of white, you are bound to find your happiness. Neutral hues will give a bright and relaxed look to your room.

Using the color

It’s completely up to you. If you want to create a neutral cocoon, without bright color, make sure to choose different shades of the same palette to avoid a gloomy atmosphere. You can pick pillows, curtains and a carpet in other lighter or darker tones than the walls. You’ll give more depth to your room colors.
If you picked a neutral wall color so you can go crazy on your accessories, then go for it. Bright neon colors will bring some dynamism and personality to your room.

Colors to avoid

Bright colors

Unless they are chosen in soft colors, you should avoid choosing colors that are too bright for the room (such as yellow, red or orange).
These warm colors will give a significant boost and brighten your room, which is not highly recommended for a space dedicated to relaxation. Save them for other areas of your house.


On the other hand, a fully-painted black room will have a gloomy aspect, and isn’t very relaxing either.
If, despite these warnings, you’re really attracted to black, then limit yourself to a single black wall for your bedroom. It may make the decor very original.

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