Seven Steps To Designing Your Bathroom

Seven Steps To Designing Your Bathroom

We spend an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom. So why not make it our own?
Here are seven golden steps to get you started on properly designing your bathroom.

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Step 1: Analyze the available space

Before going crazy with all shapes and sizes, you must know exactly how much space you have available in your bathroom.
Also be aware of all the possible locations for water inlets and electrical outlets.

Step 2: Follow the budget

If you’re re-designing your bathroom, the design is generally included in a broader construction budget. So you need to consider your requirements, but also the budget for each piece. For the bathroom, clearly formulate a budget and stick to it, so as not to have any surprises.

Step 3: Optimize the space

The bathroom is a vital part of your life and you have to make it as pleasant as possible, all while maximizing the space, often reduced. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always the classic arrangement of toilet/bath perpendicular to each other that can optimize the most space.
Be attentive to your habits: bath or shower? We often dream of taking long baths, but end up barely using it (except for the holidays or during cold weather). Most people today have optimized showers to save some bathroom space. Think of the walls, which can allow you to isolate the shower/bath area, furniture, and sink.
Don’t forget that you’ll need to create a range around the bath, as to conveniently place objects without wasting space.

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Step 4: Get efficient accessories

If you’re gonna add accessories and equipment to your bathroom, think functional. To save space and get a comfy space, you need to develop useful storage units that are also not visible.
Today, it is very common to find in stores sets of highly functional and compact storage units suitable for small spaces. Think vertical storage: bathrobe or towel holder, etc. Also remember to assess the role that each user of the bathroom will need daily.
For a small bathroom space, opt for a large mirror which will expand the room.

Step 5: Respect the safety standards

In the bathrooms, electrical installations must comply with the correct security standards. Every country is different, so check your local guidelines.
They usually determine where in the bathroom you can place equipment (based on humidity levels).

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Step 6: Pick the right lighting

The choice of lighting is important because the bathroom is a place you’ll end up in quite frequently. At least twice a day for that matter (morning and evening). The presence of a mirror requires good lighting, especially for makeup, waxing, etc.
The lighting should be powerful enough to see everything, while remaining as natural and inconspicuous as possible. You can even put your main light over the mirror, and add a second, original or weird one somewhere else (like a pink-bulb lampshade). Follow your desires but keep good basic lighting.

Step 7: Create an atmosphere

Once you’ve figured out the layout of your bathroom, it’s time to pick the materials, colors, and style. Play with all the possibilities to make this place one of convenience and conviviality.
Have fun with textiles and accessories without cluttering the space.
You can explore original mirrors, or pick arresting tiling for the walls. Sinks today also come in strange shapes and sizes. Use the curves to your advantage, now that you know your space. Have fun.

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  1. Some really good advice here – especially about optimizing space and really thinking about if you normally have showers or long baths. We find that bedroom and bedroom design really have to be considered when adapting a room for mobility products like bath lifts or adjustable beds, more for ease of using them and how to get around the room.

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